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Coming this week to CMJ!!

You guys, I am so so so stoked to tell you that this week during the annual CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, I’ll be collaborating with my friends IMPOSSIBLE, the analog instant film saviors.

Here’s the deal:

IMPOSSIBLE and @thecultureofme are giving performers, bands, and DJs the opportunity to turn their digital CMJ memories into analog photographs. Using the new IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab, CMJ performers can transfer their CMJ photographic experiences into one-of-a-kind analog prints, because some images are just too good to be buried somewhere on your phone.

Performers are also encouraged to stop by the IMPOSSIBLE Project Space in SoHo for a unique analog portrait experience with IMPOSSIBLE’s 8x10 camera. Please check in with the CMJ team to schedule an appointment.

Check out some of my favorite iPhone photos from the last year turned into amazing and fun instant film using the IMPOSSIBLE Instant Lab. So come by the CMJ Artist Lounge at the Hotel Rivington penthouse and share your digital memories in an analog way.

Film provided by IMPOSSIBLE.

(Source: thecultureofme)


‘Roid Week Day 3: celebrating Hump Day with Cold Ones
Polaroid SX-70 | Impossible Project PX 70 12/11


Mr.& Mrs. Smit’s house by Joep Polaroid Photography on Flickr.

taken using #Impossible #PX680 film


Neighborhood Watch

PX680 • SLR680 


North End

PX680 • SLR680 • Boston 2013


Multiexpo, első próba.

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